Sweet Maple Panda returns to Fandom PDX!

Sweet Maple Panda is returning to Fandom PDX!

Rin, a member of Sweet maple panda loves Kpop and anything to do with dancing or performing! She has won Dance, Lip sync, Cosplay and Skit contests. Rin has been MC for various conventions including hosting and judging for main events like Opening Ceremony, Lip Sync contests and the Sweet Improv Dance Challenge, She has also hosted interactive character panels, some of her favorite being Free! 50% off Iwatobi Swim Club, Attack on Titan and Love Live. She has taught herself how to style wigs and is the main wig stylist for Sweet maple panda, Need any wig tips? Just ask, she is more then happy to help. When Rin is not cosplaying, her free time is mostly filled with taking care of her wonderful pets and giving them lots of love. She’s always happy to talk about cute animals and swap pet stories. So don’t be shy, come say hi! You can find her on YouTube at Sweet maple panda and Instagram @rin_pepper.

Sarah, a member of Sweet maple panda has won Cosplay, Skit, Lip Sync and Dance competition. She enjoys hosting character panels. A couple of her favorite are My Hero Academia, She-ra, and Yuri on Ice. Most of their panels are fun and fast pasted revolving around improv and audience participation with some panels being more educational. Sweet maple panda has been the MC for various convention hosting main event like Opening Ceremony, Sweet Improv Dance Challenge, Lip Syncs, Cosplay Contest and Game Shows. Sarah is the main seamstress and prop maker for Sweet maple panda. She loves to craft and learn new ways to make cosplay and she would be excited to talk with you about new methods for making cosplay. When she is not at con, they love to draw and make Videos for their YouTube channel and Tic Tok. Sarah is always looking forward to making new friends to do cosplay stuff with and is more then happy to help or answer any cosplay questions you may have. So come hang out with them and have a PandAmazing time! You can find them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok at Sweet maple panda.

Jonathan, also known as A Sleepy Fox has been cosplaying for 5 years. He has many years of experience with parkour including doing performances. He is known for his backflips which everyone loves. For a couple of years he was on preform dance team and can dance many styles. He enjoys performing on and off the stage with wins from the Lip Sync contest, Cosplay Skits and the Sweet Improv Dance Challenge. He has done the voice acting and singing for winning skit contests and has also helped to teach his skit crew the proper skills for stage fighting. Along with singing he also enjoys gaming, reading and social dancing including swing and ballroom dances. He has worked with Sweet maple panda for a few years now including in a Tokyo Ghoul panel and looks forward to more. He will be joining in hosting the Sweet Improv Dance Challenge at Fandom PDX this year along with another panel.