GUEST: Invader ZIM Scribe Eric Trueheart will be at Fandom PDX (courtesy of @OniPress)

Eric Trueheart – writer for the Invader ZIM cartoon and comic book – will be a guest at Fandom PDX!!!

Eric Trueheart has been writing for comedy and animation for over ten years. He’s written for Nickelodeon’s shameful and enduring cult classic, Invader ZIM, the BAFTA-nominated Yin Yang Yo for Disney XD, as well as writing pilots for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, and freelancing for everyone in the goddamn business. Most recently, he helped develop the DreamWorks animation film Turbo into the first animated series for Netflix.

His comedy shorts have been accepted to the L.A. Comedy Shorts Festival. And his comedy group, “The Ministry of Unknown Science,” had a top-ten comedy podcast on iTunes, won praise from the Times and the Weekly, as well as garnering a pilot for Fox. (It also got them a meeting with Simon Cowell, who’s a really nice guy in person, and doesn’t bite the heads of babies unless you ask him nicely.)

Eric graduated from USC cinema school and Harvard university, for no reason. He has never driven a race car across Monaco wearing only a Batman mask and the words “Soy Bomb” on his chest. That was someone else.