COSPLAY TALENT: SAMazon Cosplay will be at Fandom PDX 2019!

SAMazon is a cosplayer based in the Pacific Northwest. She started her cosplay journey in January 2014 and it quickly became her passion. SAMazon enjoys attending conventions to both compete and judge cosplay competitions as well as host a variety of panels. Some of which include cosplay design tips and competition tricks. She also uses cosplay for charity work by visiting OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital dressed as a superhero. Through cosplay SAMazon has been able to turn her creativity into a career and now shares her work as a creative streamer on Twitch.

Don’t miss the panels SAMazon Cosplay is hosting at Fandom PDX. Come learn cosplay competition basics and play some fun games!


Promo photos used here and on Fandom PDX are courtesy of:

  • Dustin Muravez for the non-cosplay head shot
  • Shutter Crazy Photos for the mimikyu cosplay (yellow outfit)
  • Rizumari for the Vidia cosplay (fairy).